Car buying tip

Have you spent hours on line searching the classified website for your dream vehicle?

The ahhh moment is before your eyes; your vehicle, sparkling like new and your price.

You make the appointment without a second thought to the 2 hour drive; this is YOUR vehicle!  You just know it; it shines, the write-up has all the selling points you are looking for!  This is too good to be true; you must not take the chance of someone getting there before you.

You arrive with excitement in every nerve of your body.  The car is sitting waiting just for you; you get closer – it does not shine as pictured on the website.  It is actually dull and very uninteresting. The tires; I didn’t even think to read about the tires.  Good grief they are cracked and worn.  Well you could buy new tires, right?

You open the doors and the acrid smell of smoke hits you in the face; your dream has just hit reality.

Pictures are not all that they seem to be.  You slowly return to your car wondering “how could I have been so quick to assume my dream would be the reality I was expecting”?

Pictures can be color shaded and positioned to the best visual advantage for sale.

You could just kick yourself for not taking the time to ask at least a few questions, like paper facts relating to the mechanical status, the interior cleanliness’,  and guarantees with signature before driving 2 hours on sheer excitement and lost gas.

Now the 2 hour return drive and the gas gage breaking into your week’s supply of gas.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself, you are not the first and you will not be the last to be taken in by pictures, excitement and the quick money-save opportunity.


Always check and compare any on-line possible purchase with a local vehicle dealer.

We, at Auto City, will give you the time to develop a communication of friendship and credibility of sale products. We want you to look us in the eye and know WE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU ON EVERY SALE!!  We will shake your hand, just like they did years ago when eye contact and a promise handshake meant reality of good business practice.

We will answer any questions you may have BEFORE you sign your Contract or Bill of Sale with us.  We operate FOR You and WITH You.  YOU are the success to all our business ventures. YOU are our top priority!

Is one of your friends, family or co worker, looking for a top quality used vehicle, refer them to Auto City and when they make their purchase YOU receive $50 in the mail. It is as easy as it sounds. Just make sure you come to Auto City, 40 Main Street to pick up your referral card and say “hello”.

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