When purchasing a vehicle from a private seller there is some things you want to sense sharp on.

When most people purchase a vehicle they get a loan from an institution, the institution then puts a lien on the vehicle. This means that if for some reason the vehicle purchaser defaults on the loan, the bank can come and take possession of the vehicle.

That means if you are purchasing a vehicle from a private individual, and they sell you a vehicle with a lien on it and stop making the payment, the banking institution can come and take possession of the vehicle you thought was yours and leave you with nothing.

Another thing you should be aware of is switching the vehicle ownership (registration) into your name. You will have to go to SNB and do the transfer over there.

When you do go over you will be paying the taxes on the vehicle there, you will also need a copy of a valid insurance card to have the vehicle transferred in your name.

The good news is when purchasing a vehicle from Auto City we are insured that there is no lien on the vehicle, Auto City also does all the transferring of ownership for you and the taxes are paid here at the dealer ship.

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