How to get a lower interest rate on your current credit restart loan)

  • Do you have a high interest rate loan?
  • Did you purchase a vehicle six months ago or longer?
  • Did you do it to restart your credit?
  • Are you paying a higher interest rate then you want to be paying?

Auto City can give you a huge break in the interest you are paying!

This is how it works.

When your vehicle is financed through a higher interest rate loan, these companies like to see you make prefect payments for at least six months, and then they will dramatically drop your interest rate if you finance a new car with them.

If you do have a higher interest rate loan, remember all the hassle it was to get your paystub, then the lender had to call your employer and verify everything.

Since you have been with these companies for a period of time, they tend to waive that process more than doing it.

Because of Auto City’s great reputation with these lending institutions, we are guaranteed to negotiate a better loan rate for you. Go to our credit application fill it out and get the nicer, newer vehicle you want.

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