101 Tips For Buying a Used Car 

101 Tips For Buying a Used Car  When buying a used car it can be extremely difficult to make sure you are in a carthat is perfect for you in every way, including make model and price, here we have a 101 guide on making sure you get the best bang for your buck and [Continue Reading…]

How to Inspect a Used Car Before Buying

How to Inspect a Used Car Before Buying When looking for a used car, you have to be careful when doing your research and when buying. When buying a used car you never want to “buy someone else’s problems”. Whether you’re buying from a friend, dealer or a private sale. There are many top quality [Continue Reading…]

Importance of Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance and It’s Importance Car maintenance is important as it helps prolong the life of your car and makes it safer for you in the long run. Keeping up with regular maintenance is better for you and your family. In New Brunswick the average costs for annual car maintenance is around 800$, this includes [Continue Reading…]

When Buying a Car for Your Teenagers

When Buying a Car for Your Teenagers Let’s face it, when your teenager finally gets their license, you’re terrified, but when it comes to buying their first car you can control what they drive and make sure it’s the safest thing possible for them. It can be both rewarding and challenging buying their first car [Continue Reading…]

How to Make a Fresh Start After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone, whether you have education debt, had a stressful divorce with lots expenses or even just too much credit card debt. It is more common than people think. Money stresses are everywhere and you can’t escape it, so we are here to give you some advice on how to get a [Continue Reading…]

Mistakes Car Buyers Make

Top Mistakes Car Buyers Make  Being a first time car buyer can seem scary, so many things to take into consideration, it’s not all just about finding “the one”. They say the only way to actually learn is by doing – but making a mistake when buying a car can cost you thousands and could [Continue Reading…]

Vehicle of the Month

Auto City’s Vehicle of the Month   Here at Auto City Fredericton, we’re obsessed with only selling the absolute best quality, most reliable pre-owned vehicle we can find. We also understand that not everyone out there is a mechanic or car enthusiast, so each month we highlight one of the best cars, trucks, or SUVs [Continue Reading…]

Used Vehicles by Curtis Jones

Over the years used vehicles have went from being a business that wasn’t so favorable to one of the best ways to shop. It’s the perfect way to get the luxury car you always wanted at a fraction of the cost. Heck, there are people walking away with 2013 Acura’s as their first car owned. [Continue Reading…]

Fredericton Students – Need a Car? We can Help!

Being a student isn’t easy – especially in Fredericton. As if going to class, getting papers completed, studying for exams, and working a part-time job weren’t enough, the Fredericton transit system makes it pretty hard to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. When you live on the opposite side of the city and [Continue Reading…]

4 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

1. Choice. People once said that buying a used car was buying someone else’s problem, but the huge popularity of leasing has meant that tens of thousands of high-quality used vehicles are coming off lease and being put up for sale every year. In many cases, these vehicles have had only one driver. Most have been [Continue Reading…]