Over the years used vehicles have went from being a business that wasn’t so favorable to one of the best ways to shop. It’s the perfect way to get the luxury car you always wanted at a fraction of the cost. Heck, there are people walking away with 2013 Acura’s as their first car owned. To me, that sounds like a pretty great deal for everyone.


So, why is it so hard for some people to accept used cars? Well, I think people don’t realize that most warranties now a days are even on some used cars when you buy. They’re so good they may even carry over from two to even three owners sometimes. Also, the build quality of cars has dramatically increased. I mean, 40 years ago yeah, cars weren’t always built to last. You were lucky to get a car to not rust after two years of operating it. But, times have changed, and so have cars. They’re safer, more reliable, and have much better warranties than any other time period.


Obviously it didn’t help that back 40 years ago car dealers were also shaddy. Selling people broke, run down, and cheap cars for costs just slightly below new made them someone to stay away from. But, that has also changed. Used car dealers have strict laws to follow and can’t be selling people unsafe cards. They need to be inspected, checked for damages, and let go in very good condition. Yes, you may get a scratch here, and there but, most used car dealers don’t mind working something out with their customer. Well, Auto City doesn’t, that’s for sure.


Saving money and getting the car you want. Yep, sounds pretty great to me too.